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Contact Information & Testimonials

The R & R Group, Inc., headquartered in Franklin, TN, is proud to be the premier sales and marketing resource for the Public Service/ Public Safety/ U.S. Postal and the specialty manufacturing uniform market.  

Morgan Haynes

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"Our relationship with R&R dates back to the late 1970's. Working with Ron Pate and Bob Gates, we have been able to develop new markets and new products that have helped our company grow considerably. In addition, with the help of R&R we have been able to broaden our business abilities. We now offer distribution programs as well as garment manufacturing through the efforts of R&R.

R&R is also well versed in the supply side of manufacturing and has been very helpful in finding new supply sources as we develop new products. With all of the above being said, working with Ron Pate and Bob Gates has been more than a business relationship. Our company is 108 years old and when I first joined the firm, business deals were made on a handshake. That is how we do business with R&R. Ron and Bob are part of our family."

- Dave Rubin | Rubin Brothers

“I met Ron Pate and Bob Gates 11 years ago when I first got into the public safety business.  It was easy enough to conduct business with them based on their style and their product lines.  What I didn’t realize at that time was just how knowledgeable these guys are about the industry and their product lines.  I made the decision at some point early on in our relationship to learn as much from these guys as possible and it has served me well in my career.  Whether you need assistance with products, need help writing a bid response, need a historical perspective on a person or company, or simply need some advice on a life situation, these guys are always there and have not steered me wrong.  There are no hidden agendas with Ron and Bob.  What you see is what you get and I would recommend R&R to anyone that wants to grow their business.  It is not often that you can grow your business, develop relationships built on trust, and have a little fun along the way.  This is exactly what my experience has been with Ron and Bob.”

- Benny Belcher | Sr. Dir Merchandising & Sourcing | Galls LLC

"The R&R Group, Inc. is a strong vendor partner for VF Imagewear Managed Programs.  They represent many key suppliers that we need to support the total uniform needs of our customers.  R&R also has been very helpful with sales strategy and sales presentations to our customers with their product lines.  Bob Gates and Ron Pate are always available to support our business needs in a very professional and efficient manner."

- Jim Tewmey | VP of Sales | VF Imagewear

"In 2006, Pro Feet Inc., and The R&R Group came together with one singular purpose; to service our customers with integrity and to grow our sock business to new heights.  

With Ron Pate and Bob Gates' intense knowledge of the uniform markets, our product line and capabilities and the customer base, we were able to do just that. It is a pleasure as a manufacturer to find sales representatives that have such an in depth understanding of how a business needs to operate and how the manufacturing side works.  I firmly believe that his is why the R&R Group is so highly regarded within the uniform community.  

The integrity that this group exudes is beyond reproach at every level.  Integrity, being one of Pro Feet’s core beliefs, created not just an alignment of purpose, but also of principle. It is always a pleasure to work with anyone in the R&R Group family."

- Taylor Wilson | Pro Feet

"I consider my meeting Ron and Bob one of the critical turning points in the evolution of our company.  Twelve years have passed and there are many words to describe the type of people they are and the value they add in all of their relationships throughout our industry. They are experts in their field, polished professionals, mentors and above and beyond all things they are gentlemen who are friends to our industry and their communities. Their proactive manner and appreciation of the ‘art of the sale’ make them invaluable contributors to any situation. I consider us fortunate to call R&R our partners."

- Phil Newman | Cobmex

"Ron and Bob and I have been doing business on a handshake for almost 20 years now. Their assistance has been invaluable.  Their network of relationships has proven helpful to us again and again and again.  Ron and Bob give honest insight, and their instincts on where the market is going have been uncanny. It is a pleasure to have people represent you who you are proud to associate with. Not just their work, but who they are as people."

- Mike Marmor | President | Hero's Pride